Ponease ULC Fix 5L

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Ponease ULC Fix 5 litres

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A carefully blended mix of ingredients designed to support the digestive system and promote a healthy top line and coat, as well as overall form.

We recommend giving your horse or pony ULC FX for a period of six weeks. For best results, syringe into the mouth or, if syringing into the mouth is not possible, the product can be added directly to a small handful of feed, preferably alfalfa/molasses free chaff. Gentle enough for foals and older horses.


Peppermint, herbs and a base containing natural source of calcium, peppermint, bentonite and purified H20.

Crude Protein: 10% Crude Oil: 1% Crude Fibre: 15% Crude Ash: 31% Calcium: 15% Phosphorus: Sodium: 0 Magnesium 0.5%


Horses: 100mls prior to main morning feed

Ponies: 75mls prior to the main morning feed

  • Use ULC Maintenance before exercise. 
  • Do not use ULC FX for 24 hours before and 72 hours after worming.
  • Approved by the IEC, NOPs tested and do not contain banned substances, FEI & Jockey Club Rules compliant, race and competition safe, veterinary endorsed.

One bottle of ULC FX (5 litres) should last for at least 6 weeks. Shake well before use.

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Kiiltävä turkki sekä enemmän eteenpäin pyrkimystä
Ponimme sai 4 vkon kuurin fixiä. Jo ensimmäisen viikon aikana huomasimme että ponilla oli paljon enemmän eteenpäinmenohaluja ja se oli pirteämpi. Myös mashjuotto onnistuu nyt paremmin kuin aiemmin. Pitemmän ajan käyttö sai aikaan kiiltävän karvan. Tällä kokemuksella suosittelen tuotetta.
Brilliant for my ulcer prone horse
I used ULC FIX before when we moved to Sweden as I saw my horse behaviour deteriorating day by day - grumpy, not happy being brushed or petted. Very angry when fed.
He had a cure of this for 6 weeks and was so much better. Shining, very chilled and feeling good in himself within a week of using it.
100% recommend!